John and Ute are wonderful. It is clear that they are incredibly passionate about what they do and go above and beyond to empower us each class. Somehow in only an hour, they manage to provide caring and personalized support to each person while also managing the group and teaching new techniques and approaches each class. They not only teach how to defend against a variety of attacks, but also how to minimize risk and understand psychological contexts. I am grateful to have learned from such excellent empowering instructors. 

Veronica L.
Interior Design Specialist

 The introductory class taught by instructor John was a mix of demonstration and scenario based trainings. He taught simple and highly effective self defense moves and increased my situational awareness tremendously. I will be going back for more training, and would highly recommend the course for anyone who has faced a threat or unwanted attention. 

Michael Kross

 I'm so lucky and grateful to have found Invictus. Everyone should be required to take classes here! The instructors are all extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but also supportive and provide you with personalized attention. They give you the tools to feel empowered! 

Niki O.

 Thanks for the recap! You and Ute are amazing, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. You make learning serious situations fun and I am feeling more and more confident that I can bust my can of whoop ass on someone if I ever feel threatened. I am so glad i found you guys!! 

Sandra V.
Not Provided