YOUR gym, YOUR LEGACY! This is an opportunity for you to leave your mark and be a part of Invictus forever. We are looking to cover our gym floor with one inch thick foam interlocking tiles for your comfort and rolling pleasure! Please see the description below.


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Each tile will measure 1 meter x 1 meter (roughly 3ft x 3ft) and is 1" thick. No more pulling out and putting away the mats! We can breakfall and roll in comfort! DO your knees bother you when we do ground work on the wood floor? Not anymore so please consider donating at one of the following sponsorship levels:

  • BRONZE: 1 tile in total
  • SILVER: 9 tiles in total (You also receive a FREE Invictus tshirt)
  • GOLD: 25 tiles in total (You also receive a FREE Invictus tshirt & a pair of IKMF pants)
  • PRESIDENTIAL: (You will receive 1 year of tuition for free)

NOTE: All tiles purchased are to be considered a donation. Tiles will remain the property of Invictus Krav Maga.