Ute Hummler

Ute started training Krav Maga in late 2017. Having never encountered the world of Martial Arts before, she quickly became fascinated with the explosiveness and efficiency of Krav Maga, the concept of a timeline and that everyone can learn these techniques to defend themselves. She appreciates the physical strengthening and fitness aspect of training, but is even more excited about the fact how Krav Maga is hugely beneficial on a mental and emotional level by becoming able to evaluate and assess potentially difficult and dangerous situations.

In addition to completing her Civilian Instructor Course certification (certifying Ute as an adult Krav Maga Instructor), in October 2021, Ute accepted the challenge to become a certified Krav  Maga Kids Instructor (KIC), training under Expert 3 Marcus Torgerson. In March 2022 she became certified to teach women (WIC), training under Expert 3 Paula Meyers. In June of 2013, Ute earned the title of IKMF Lead Civilian Instructor and is one of only 2 people west of the Mississippi to be recognized as such. Ute believes that self-defense is everyone's right and, as such, has now been certified by Expert 3 Federico Fogliano to teach adaptive Krav Maga (AIC). The adaptive program empowers people with physical disabilities and teaches them how to protect & defend themselves.

Teaching children and women how to protect themselves is Ute’s passion and she has worked with children of all age groups in different school settings for many years.

To be able to teach women the Krav Maga ‘Stay Away’ Program is a very special privilege to her. She strongly believes that this course can be a very important stepping stone in a woman’s recovery after having experienced sexual assault. To witness women finding their voice again and feeling strong and empowered after having completed this program is the most rewarding experience for her.

Ute holds the women Empowerment Belt from Gracie University and she trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu earning her blue belt and working as Assistant Coach in the BJJ kids program. She also has experience and training in Muay Thai.

Ute is available for private lessons, corporate seminars and group lessons for various groups (ie sororities, women's groups, church groups, etc). Ute can be reached at invictuskrav@gmail.com