Mike Douglas

Mike received his first taste of hand to hand combat training when he joined the Marine Corps after high school in 1991. In 2013 Mike began training Krav Maga under (then) IKMF California Director and Expert 2 Drew Goodwin. He instantly fell in love with the simplicity and effectiveness of the techniques. As he increased in rank, Mike found that he really enjoyed working with and helping new students.

Mike continued to help new students and began volunteering to assist in women’s self defense seminars. Mike really enjoyed seeing the empowerment that it gave women and fueled his desire to become an instructor. In 2022 he decided it was time and began his instructor training under IKMF Expert 3 Paula Meyers. 

Mike is very well rounded and holds IKMF certificates in Pistol Tactical Shooting, VIP Protection, Ground Fighting, and Close Quarters Knife Defense. 

Outside of Krav Maga, Mike is a small business owner and in his free time he enjoys going to the gym and sitting on the porch with his wife watching the dogs play.

Mike is available for private lessons, corporate seminars and group lessons for various groups (ie sororities, women's groups, church groups, etc). Mike can be reached at invictuskrav@gmail.com