Private lessons can really up your game and answer/address minute details in your technique that can improve your chances should you encounter a violent situation. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW.

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Private (single student) and semi-private (2 students maximum) Krav Maga lessons can be expensive. As with anything in life, the main question is, are privates worth it? What are the benefits? How much do they cost? How should I prepare for a private lesson?

Private lessons in Krav Maga are definitely worth it. Private lessons are customized for you and what you want to learn. If you’re finding holes in your techniques or find yourself questioning a technique, private lessons will directly help you. If you only attend group classes, you may have to wait to get additional teachings on a given technique. Many students take private lessons... some because they have questions, some because they will need to miss class, some because they want additional training in a specific area and others because they would like a "tune-up" before their rank test.

All that said, please note that private lessons are not a requirement and you will still succeed in Krav Maga without them. However, if you chose to take advantage of our completely personalized private lessons, with the instructor of your choice, the fee structure is as follows:

Instructor NamePrivate (Single Student) FeeSemi-Private (Two Student) Fee

How to best prepare for a private lesson will depend on many factors and what you want to get out of the lesson. Our advice is to discuss what you would like to cover with the instructor and he/she will tell you what to bring, what to wear, etc.

For private lessons, we can travel to you, as long as you are within 10 miles of the gym. If you are outside of 10 miles (but within 25 miles), we can still travel to you but we would need to charge an extra $25.

If you have any questions regarding private lessons, please use the "Contact Us" form and we'll answer your request as fast as possible.