The VIP Protection course targets both, unarmed security (VIP Bronze), as well as armed security (VIP Silver). The course will be taught by world renowned security expert Chris Tzikas (IKMF Expert Level 4). and will be held at Invictus Krav Maga. Please read the details below.

  • Date: 10/5/2024 08:30 AM - 10/13/2024 05:00 PM
  • Location 12234 Poway Road, Poway, CA, USA (Map)
  • More Info: We are located in Suite 200... directly above Eden Organics Hair Salon



Krav Maga is not only the best tool for security personnel, but also (especially for) bodyguards and executive protection officers. Krav Maga provides the ultimate solution for close protection and fast reaction times. VIP Silver is a 9-day course that teaches students how to use Krav Maga for protecting a 3rd party, in addition to the relevant driving and shooting skills required for the job. The course is open to IKMF instructors, Krav Maga students (with instructor permission), as well as (Security) industry professionals. People will have the option to attend only the first 5 days to earn their VIP Bronze certification or attend the full 9 days to earn their VIP Silver certification. A third option will be available for currently certified Bronze instructors who wish to attend the last 5 days to earn their VIP Silver certification.

Topics covered in the VIP Bronze (5 day) curriculum include:

  • What is Security - General definitions, as well as types of security
  • The role of the security guard in routine/emergency (unarmed) situations
  • Facility Security
  • Recognizing suspicious signs and activity
  • Preliminary checks and questioning
  • Krav Maga principles and tactics
  • Hand to hand confrontations
  • Simulations

Topics covered in the VIP Silver (5 day) curriculum include:

  • Intro for Security
  • VIP Security
  • VIP Security in movement (while walking)
  • VIP Security in movement (while walking) in pairs
  • 3rd party protection techniques, including CQB for 3rd party protection
  • Protocol for dealing with bomb suspicion, scanning for bombs (in car)
  • Suicide bomber protocol
  • Active Shooter protocol
  • Use of force and proper decision making to minimize loss of life
  • Operational Driving
  • Fighting protocol and firing protocol
  • Scenarios and simulation (class and street)
  • Weapons handling
  • Shooting range

Check out this video of past VIP courses: CLICK HERE


For VIP BRONZE: Normal gym clothes

For VIP SILVER: Tactical pants & belt, hat, eyes and ears, semi-automatic pistol (no revolvers), 2 magazines, gun holster, magazine holster, 200 rounds of ammo. We will have a limited number of guns & holsters ... please bring your own if you have it. Ammo will be an extra charge so, bring yours if you have it. In addition, please bring one set of "nice clothes" (a suit would be nice to make it professional)... we will go to a mall one day to go shopping with our VIP and on another day, we will also visit a nice restaurant so that our VIP can grab a bite to eat. Contact John at 858-888-1399 if you have any questions or concerns.

EARLY BIRD PRICING WILL REMAIN IN AFFECT UNTIL SEPTEMBER 5, 2024. AFTRE SEPTEMBER 5, THE PRICES WILL GO UP. You do not have to pay the entire amount by September 5, but you do have to at least submit your deposit (ie $150).

In addition to the VIP Course, we will also offer instructor testing for those who need it. If this is something that interests you, please purchase the "Instructor Testing" ticket as well as your VIP ticket preference.

On day 1, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to check in & sign/turn in waivers (if you did not already do so):

Please Note... No refunds will be given 1 week or less prior to course start time.