Maybe you heard about it from a movie? Maybe you heard about it from a friend? Maybe you did some research on the most effective fighting system available? It doesn't really matter how... what matters is that your interest has now been peaked! Come find out what this latest craze is all about in this no long term commitment, 4 week course. See details below.

  • Date: 10/17/2024 07:00 PM - 11/14/2024 08:00 PM
  • Location 12234 Poway Rd, Suite 200, Poway, CA, USA (Map)



People are discovering that Krav Maga is the most explosive, effective and efficient way to defend yourself against an unsavory world. In this class, we will model the progression of an altercation. We'll cover prevention, awareness, striking, late defenses (ie chokes), ground work and weapons. 

Don't miss out.... attendance is limited. Come find out what everyone's talking about!

ATTIRE: Wear comfortable clothing (t-shirt & sweat pants/leggings). Leave all jewelry (earrings, piercings, rings, smart watches, fitbits, etc) at home. Please wear some type of comfortable running/tennis shoe into the gym (we will train barefoot). Don't forget to bring water!

Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in & sign/turn in waivers (if you did not already do so for the previous seminar):

Please Note... No refunds for this course, so please check your calendar prior to signing up.