This is the complete package! Get it... I said "package". All kidding aside, this will not only protect the "family jewels", but also your bladder area as well. Lightweight, cool and comfortable... your boys will thank you!


Size: *
  • S (26" - 30")
  • M (30" - 34")
  • L (34" - 38")
  • XL (38" - 44")

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No Foul Protector is an essential piece of safety gear for athletes of fighting sports.

This groin protector is made with double layered foam to absorb and distribute shock, reducing impact in the lower abdomen, groin and kidneys.

Molded groin cup and shell is reinforced with sturdy leg straps without restricting movement. Fully adjustable lace-up closure is mounted to heavy duty, extra wide elastic for a snug support. No Foul Protector is lightweight at 1.5lbs with a hardwearing, durable vinyl exterior.

Your sparring gear should provide the best protection for your body while boxing. 

  • Groin protection is required for ALL participants

Check with instructor before ordering... These items will be shipped to the gym. Home delivery is NOT an option.