Brian Koll

Brian began Krav Maga training in 2015 under the instruction of IKMF Expert 2 Drew Goodwin. He started primarily as a way to protect himself and his family. He loved Krav Maga after trying other martial arts and realizing that martial arts have “rules” and Krav Maga doesn’t.

Krav Maga was definitely the best option for self and family protection.  As his skills increased, he wanted to share his knowledge so that others wouldn’t be victims so he started his journey of becoming an instructor.  When instructing, he likes to focus on the technical details so that all students can do their best no matter the adversary or situation.  However, he also understands the importance of aggression and violence of action when needed.  When instructing he stresses both.

Besides Krav Maga, Brian also enjoys working out and generally just being active.  Being a husband and father of 2, Brian is always busy…but never too busy for Krav Maga training!

Brian is available for private lessons, corporate seminars and group lessons for various groups (ie sororities, women's groups, church groups, etc). Brian can be reached at